Please be cautious of companies offering online only classes & certification, "no skills check required". Consider that the Veterans Health Administration (who employs over 90,000 nurses alone!) will only accept an American Heart Association card (Read VHA Directive 1177).

VHA 1177 Directive

We are contacted weekly by people who have paid money and spent hours taking an online class only to find that it is not accepted by their employer, including hospitals, colleges, medical practices, etc.. Typically the truth is in the fine print but sometimes these companies just tell a flat out lie. The only word to use is fraud. Online only CPR training organizations advertise they are teaching the most current AHA content but then in their fine print policy they clearly say they are not approved by the American Heart Association.

Online CPR Class Policy Fraud

The bottom line is you must successfully complete the American Heart Association’s HeartCode course to receive an AHA CPR, ACLS, or PALS card. You must also be evaluated in person by an AHA Instructor. This is called blended learning, where the online portion takes the place of the lecture part of the class. Genuine American Heart Association (AHA) certification cards are only issued after successful completion of the hands-on session. So save your time and money by skipping past the online only fraud and take a HeartCode class and attend a skill session at Love Health Service.