This four hour Developmental Disabilities Life Support (DDLS) class will help EMS providers, police, medical staff, caretakers and anyone who encounters unexpected and urgent care needs with disabled persons.request information button

Developmental Disabilities Support

The DDLS helps the learner incorporate disability specific needs (i.e. inhibited gag and coughing reflexes, limited body movements, chest deformity, etc.) into their care plan. CPR classes and other general emergency care classes do not offer guidelines to assist in clinical decisions and care of persons with Developmental Disabilities. Join the class to learn how to support these and many more situations:

• The developmentally disabled hypoglycemic
• The developmentally disabled elderly man with chest pain
• The disabled frequent flyer who can be “cured” with a cup of fresh coffee in the ER

Common Learners include EMTs, Paramedics, Nurses, Physicians and any health professional who may be responsible for the emergency care of children. Contact Love Health Service today to set up a class for your staff.