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Every law enforcement officer needs to attend this course. You could save your life or that of a fellow officer by performing lifesaving procedures during the heat of conflict. Refresher medical training can keep you confident in assessing yourself or other officers in a life-threatening situation. You need to be able Tactical Combat Casualty Careto manage medical care until emergency medical professionals can safely reach you. This class consists of basic lifesaving knowledge and skills for the officer in any line of police work, especially, the tactical environment. The instruction will be a comprehensive Self Aid/Buddy Aid course for those officers wishing to expand their knowledge in the field of Urban/Combat Medicine. All aspects of providing medical care while under fire will be covered with a heavy emphasis on sustaining and neutralizing the threat while providing care for you or others while in a hostile environment. This course will consist of 8 hours of instruction that will include lecture, practical exercises and the ultimate delivery of your Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) for use on ALL Tactical or LE deployments.

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  • Hemorrhage control
  • Airway control
  • Chest and Abdominal Trauma
  • CPR
  • First Aid
  • Tactical Field Care Overview
  • Advanced Life Support Overview