The online, hybrid HeartCode BLS course is developed by the American Heart Association and yeilds a AHA BLS Provider card once all steps are completed. It is a online, self-paced education program that BLS Skill Checkallows learners to assess and treat patients in a virtual healthcare setting. Debriefings and coaching are provided immediately after each simulation to facilitate learning. The HeartCode course has the same videos and written test the classroom option offers. Plus the HeartCode option also allow you to redo the virtual cases and written test as many times as you need until you pass. Oh and the card issued is the same card as the classroom option.

How We Test Your CPR Skills

For all American Heart Association courses that include psychomotor skills such as CPR, ACLS, and PALS, students must complete an in-person skills practice and testing session to obtain an AHA course completion card. There are two primary methods this in-person skills practice and testing occur.

In-Person Skills Practice and Testing Options

  • Authorized AHA Instructor – this is the primary option Love Health Service uses for our skills and testing. Our learners’ experiences with the other option (VAM) has been less then positive.
  • VAM Option – the VAM or Voice Assisted Manikin (VAM) option uses a manikin which is hooked up to a computer. The computer precisely measures and assess your CPR skills. VAMs assess things like how deep you push, how much air you breathe into the manikin, how long you are off the chest, and much more! There are no room for errors in this system. In many ways it’s a wonderful testing tool but despite how it’s sold, VAMs do not really teach in a traditional sense. Instead VAMs “teach” with a slightly delayed voice feedback system which tells the learner what to do better. This delay often frustrates the learner and they end up failing. But since a Lerner can do the skill over and over they kept trying only to end up injured and sometime even covered in sweat and feeling very unconfident. In the end VAMs really need a CPR coach at their side, so we said the heck with it and just stuck with an instructor led skill check model that used manikins with feedback. Our learners routinely thank us!


See HeartCode BLS Information VideoSee HeartCode BLS Information Video

Benefits of the Online HeartCode Courses

  • Available to both first time and renewal learners
  • Accesses to the content anytime and any place
  • Learn at your own pace and in your own space
  • Unlimited attempts for the patient care cases
  • Unlimited attempts for the written exam
  • Watch the same video at home instead of in class

Most learners report it takes between 60-90 minutes to complete the web based content and the instructor led skill check session can take up to 2 hours to complete.

Online Course Fee: $28.50 per person, purchased directly from

Skill Check Session Fee: $50-$95 per person depending on course location

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