Thank you for your interest in becoming an instructor. Love Health Service’s business model generally means we do not offer our instructors teaching opportunities established by Love Health Service. However our ACLS and PALS instructors teach classes at one of our classroom locations or at one of our regional sponsoring agencies. In short our BLS instructors find their own learners and our ACLS and PALS instructors support classes at Love Health Service. Our goal is to support larger organizations who want to save money by developing their own internal instructors under our guidance and ongoing train the trainer model. But individual instructor candidates don’t fret, we do encourage highly motivated individuals (who want to start a small training business) to also consider becoming partner with Love Health Service.To become an AHA Instructor, candidates must:

AHA Instructor Development Model From Love Health Service

  • Be at least 16 years old (for Heartsaver, BLS) and 18 years old (for ACLS, PALS)
  • Have a current AHA provider status in the discipline of the Instructor Course they are taking
  • Be proficient in all the skills of the chosen discipline (BLS, ACLS, PALS, etc.)
  • Preference given to candidates who are active healthcare providers

Steps to Becoming an AHA Instructor at Love Health Service

We do our best to make this an easy four step process but we expect each instructor candidate will be 100% self motivated and become a model instructor. If you meet the above prerequisites, there are several steps to becoming an AHA instructor at Love Health Service. Our Training Center and the AHA Program Administration Manual determine these steps.

  1. Complete and submitt an Instructor Candidate Application before enrolling in one of our instructor courses.
  2. Candidates must successfully prove their instructor potential in one of our classroom courses, skill check sessions, or pass a skill check session at the start of the instructor class.
  3. Successfully complete the discipline-specific Instructor Essentials online course, and print the course completion certificate. Learn more by clicking here.
  4. Successfully complete the discipline-specific classroom Instructor Course. Learn more by clicking here.
  5. Successfully be monitored teaching your first course within three months after completing the Instructor Course. This can be completed at a course set up by Love Health Service or you can be monitored at a course you set up (additional fees may apply if we come to your location)

Upon approval by our Training Center, you will be issued an instructor card and be able to teach on your own (once you complete all the above steps).

Once you become an Instructor:

  • You will have access to training resources and tools through the online AHA Instructor Network
  • You will be able to post class dates on our public website
  • You will be able to conduct courses in MD, DC, VA, WV, and PA

Steps to Keeping Your AHA Instructor Status at Love Health Service

  • Attendance at a require instructor update with our Training Center Faculty
  • Instructors are required to provide us with a current certificate for professional liability (if they teach community classes).

Equipment Rental

Generally most of our instructors find it is worth investing in their own equipment. However we also know such an investment can be cost intensive for startup instructors. To help Love Health Service offers rental equipment on a class by class basis and via a long term rental agreement for our larger training satellites.

We rent adult and infant CPR manikins (up to 5 each), AED trainers, pocket masks, and training valves for $55/class. Rental equipment will be picked up one day before the class at our office and returned to the office within 24 hours of the course.


Love Health Service is a for-profit education and consulting company. Therefore there is a yearly fee charged for instructor and administrative support services. Sometimes this fee is paid by an employer but if not, the instructor will need to factor this fee into their decision to join Love Health Service. Love Health Service also charges a per card fee for each course completion card issued. Please contact Love Health Service for more information.