What is HeartCode?

The HeartCode courses are the only American Heart Association approved online course for learners who want to obtain an AHA certification in Basic Life Support (BLS), Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), and/or Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS). These online courses use eSimulation technology to allow learners to assess and treat patients in virtual healthcare settings. This method of learning provides training consistency, adaptability to different learning styles, and flexibility for the student’s and employer’s time. Students can work at their own pace applying their knowledge to real-time decision making and skills development. Learners can also combine two or more HeartCode courses into one skill session, thereby efficiently obtaining their American Heart certifications in one skill session. Choose a course title below to learn more.

 HeartCode BLS HeartCode ACLS  HeartCode PALS   

How do I access my eBook?

Follow these simple steps to activate an AHA eBook Access Code.

Step 1 – Click the login button at eBooks.heart.org

 ebook 1

Step 2 – Enter existing account details or choose “Create an account”.

ebook 2

 Step 3 – Redeem your access code by clicking on the “Redeem” icon and entering your CaSE SEnsITIvE CoDE.

ebook 3

Step 4 – Read your book by choosing the book from your Bookshelf and click on the ‘Read Online’ next to the title you wish you read. The eBook will open in a new browser tab where you can immediately begin reading.

ebook 4Remember to Download eBook BEFORE Class


Access AHA eBooks online, offline or anytime through mobile devices and tablets by using the free AHA eBook reader apps on iTunes and Google Play. Learners are highly encouraged to download the app and download the eBook before attending their class/session because many training locations may not have public internet access. Of course once the eBook is downloaded, the learner will not need internet access to use the eBook. You can read more information about the AHA eBook app here.

How long is the AHA First Aid, Heartsaver CPR Class, and Heartsaver Frist Aid CPR Class?

The AHA's Heartsaver courses are designed for anyone with little or no medical training who needs a course completion card for job, regulatory (for example, OSHA), or other requirements. Course lengths are listed below but may take longer or less time depending on overall learner experiences.

  • Approximately 4 hours for Heartsaver CPR
  • Approximately 2 hours for Heartsaver Frist Aid
  • Approximately 6 hours for Heartsaver CPR

How do I get a copy of my eCard?

Employers and learners may verify that an eCard is authentic by entering or searching for the eCard information at www.heart.org/cpr/mycardswww.heart.org/cpr/mycards.

We empower our instructors to issue eCards within hours of successfully completing and paying for the class or skill session. However the American Heart Association grants their training providers up to 21 days to issue a card.

AHA eCard email

You will receive an email directly from the American Heart Association (not the instructor) with a link to access your eCard. The email will come to the email you supplied during the registration process. You must claim your card in order to print the eCard and to allow us to make any changes/corrections. Once claimed, the eCard can be accessed anytime in the future by going back to the same link found in AHA your email. Here’s an example of the AHA email:


  • Is there a way employers can verify the authenticity of an AHA eCard?

Yes, employers may verify that an eCard is authentic by entering the card information at www.heart.org/cpr/mycardswww.heart.org/cpr/mycards.

  • Can I get both an eCard and a printed card?AHA eCard Help QR

No. Per the AHA only one AHA course completion card can be issued for each successfully completed course. Learners can print out an unlimited number of free copies once they claim their eCard.

Where is my eCard?

There could be a few details that are preventing your eCard from reaching you. Please understand the card will not come from Love Health Service. Instead the email (with directions on how to claim your eCard) comes directly from the American Heart Association’s email servers. Here are a few questions to answer before connecting with us on your eCard...

  • What email address did you use during the class/skill session registration process at Love Health Service's website? This is the email we tell the AHA to send the eCard to and sometimes learners use an obscure/old email address.


  • Was the email provided during the class/skill session registration process correctly formatted? You would be surprised how often the supplied email was jane.doe@some domain when it should have been janedoe@some domain.


  • Did you get an email from Love Health Service after the registration process? If you didn’t get an email from Love Health Service confirming your registration, you likely didn’t put in your email correctly and you'll not get an email from the AHA's eCard system.

As you can see it is important to have an accurate and well used email on file! If you’ve not received your card yet, Contact Love Health Service so we can troubleshoot on our end. As a general rule about 99.8% of the time we do not encounter any issues with the AHA’s eCard system.